At the beginning of January one of our players, Garry Robertson, who many of you will know, was at home when he suddenly collapsed and was taken to hospital and operated on a haemorraghing brain tumour. He is 33, recently married and had no previous signs of trouble. He spent 2 months in a coma but is now conscious and showing signs of improvement and was recently moved out of intensive care in Tokyo and is now at a rehabilitation centre in Yamanashi.
He can now recognise people and make small hand movements etc. but there is an amazingly long way to go and as a club we need to help him. Needless to say the medical costs will mount up – his parents have been out since he collapsed and Brian, his father, has effectively taken early retirement to be with his son. Realistically we could be looking at a year or more of rehabilitation.

One of the things we are looking at doing to raise funds is a big raffle and to this end we have all of the members of the club looking at possible prize donations from companies and organisations they know. These could take all forms – products, gift vouchers for dinner/dept stores, cash etc… As this is a personal and not corporate issue, what we can do for potential donors is negligible, but Footy Japan has kindly agreed to ensure all will get a mention on the TML website and in addition we will also give a big mention on our own club website although the readership is much more limited. I know this isn’t much but as mentioned it is a personal effort by everyone in the team.

Any donations at all from any company you work for or know will be much appreciated by all members of the club.

Details on the raffle itself will follow.

If you are interested in helping then please send a mail to

Kind regards

Richard Straughan

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